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Tomahawk Talk: An Atlanta Braves Podcast


Whats up guys? I’m glad to be back, but I am even more thankful for y’all sticking with us through our absence. We took some time off to look at ourselves and try to make some improvements to our page and our coverage of each respected team. 

So without further ado I am pleased and happy to announce we have launched our very first Atlanta Braves podcast, Tomahawk Talk! 

Tomahawk Talk will be hosted by myself and my fellow Braves co-writer, Turner Markwalter. On the podcast we will cover everything Braves from game recaps to mock trades to free agent signings! Tomahawk Talk is available on Youtube under the page, Atlanta Sports Page Pro!

Episode One is out currently and covers everything that has happened so far this offseason, and Episode Two is on the way. Make sure to go listen, like and subscribe! Don’t be shy to comment either with your thoughts!

Also, we have created an Instagram page that just covers the Braves! Make sure you follow us @aspbraves for the latest Braves updates and rumors!

Thanks again for sticking with us and I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for us and the Braves! Chop On!



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