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Let’s Make a Deal: The Realmuto Edition


Let’s Make a Deal

Braves fans everywhere have been waiting anxiously for Alex Anthopolous to make another move this offseason after signing former AL MVP, Josh Donaldosn, and Braves legend, Brian McCann. Those were the first two moves that any Major League team made this offseason. Unfortunately, they have been our only two in a busy and important offseason. While we may have not had as much action lately, the Braves sure have been mentioned in A LOT of rumors. None more than a trade for Marlins’ catcher, J.T. Realmuto.

I don’t know how else to say this: Realmuto is a stud. He is currently the best catcher in all of baseball and still is relatively young (27). All offseason and even during this past season the Braves were linked to trade talks for Realmuto. Many packages have been reported and disputed between Marlins’ Reporter Craig Mish and Braves’ Reporter Mark Bowman. 

Who’s Our Competition?

So who’s in the sweepstakes? Well Mish and Ken Rosenthal have reported saying there are at least six teams this offseason in the running for Realmuto: the Astros, Braves, Dodgers, Padres, Rays, and the Reds. I honestly believe that out of these six teams only two are truly willing to “meet” the Marlins’ asking price- the Braves and the Dodgers. 

This past Friday the Dodgers made a trade for catcher Russell Martin. Now I know that Martin isn’t close to being on Realmuto’s level, but I strongly believe that this move takes the Dodgers out of the sweepstakes. Take this for what it’s worth, but Ken Rosenthal happens to agree with me too. 🙂

Now I know that the Braves already have two serviceable catchers in Tyler Flowers and Brian McCann, but when you have a chance to upgrade a position you do it! 

What’s the Price?

Earlier offseason it was reported that the Marlins were asking for Ozzie Albies to headline the deal along with other top prospects. Nope! That’s not happening and the Marlins realize that. So what’s next? Well it was reported at the trade deadline that the Braves offered the Marlins a package of Mike Soroka and Austin Riley, but they turned it down thinking they could get a better deal in the offseason. Unfortunately for Marlins, that’s not looking like it will happen. It is reported that the Braves are trying to shift the focus of the trade from Austin Riley to one of their top pitching prospects.

Mish recently reported that the Braves are trying to focus a trade around our number one prospect according to Baseball America, Ian Anderson. 

 Build Your Own Trade

So who else would be involve in a deal like this? I would give the Marlins the following template and let them choose one guy from each level.

RHP- Ian Anderson


OF- Cristian Pache or OF- Drew Waters


C- Tyler Flowers


LHP- Max Fried or RHP- Julio Teheran


LHP- Thomas Burrows or OF- Isranel Wilson or RHP- Jasseel De La Cruz

I know this obviously is a lot, but in return the Braves would get an All-Star catcher and the Marlins would throw in either Relief Pitcher Drew Steckenrider or Nick Wittgren. I think this would be an overall great trade for the Braves as they get a big-bat in their lineup and some help in the bullpen. It will be tough parting with many of these players, but we’ve got to remember we have so many more prospects in our farm system. This trade would help us win NOW! 

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