Rising Up Since Childhood: The story of how I became bald


Hello Atlanta Brotherhood, as better known as the Atlanta Falcons Fans. My name is Derek Millholland. I am the lead journalist covering the Atlanta Falcons and resident hedgehog whisperer here at the Atlanta Sports Page. His name is Sonic btw. I know, how clever. ANYWAYS, I’m very excited about this new opportunity and look forward to working alongside the great Falcons writers and dedicated fans here at ASP.

A little bit about me. I’m a rare native Atlantan? ATLien? Atlanananana. I never know what to say. I have had a winding road of different ventures that have lead me here. I received my Bachelors degree in Business Management from the powerhouse that is The University of West Georgia. Please, hold your laughter till the end. Having done recent business ventures in music, health products and working in automotive sales, my most recent travels took me to the U.S. Army. I was in for five years with one tour to Afghanistan. Unfortunately, I had to leave Sonic in his native country, although, he promised me he is rising up just for me. I enjoyed my time and feel it has helped me to get here now. At your service for Atlanta Falcons news and analysis.

I have always been an Atlanta sports fan. I remember seeing Deion Sanders when I was wee one in my grandfather’s house in Cartersville, Georgia on an old antenna television. Those old teams helped me to form a bond with a team that was constantly an underdog looking for success and respect among the ranks of the NFL. This is my team. I’ve grown to see them being a laughing stock to a perennial playoff and Super Bowl contenders. I will always wear the Red and Black and support my team. Yes, even when the year was 2007. A side note, can we just wear the black uniforms for home games from now on?

When I’m not rooting for the Falcons, I’m strongly supporting other Atlanta franchises such as the Braves, Hawks and your Atlanta United. I hope with this experience we grow with the Atlanta faithful and expand our reach and fandom. It is by our faithful readers that we will become a success. Thank you in advance for your readership and please spread the word about us. Atlanta is in the middle of a renaissance and we are all apart of it. RISE UP ATLANTA!!!! Apologies to Samuel L. Jackson. No one can match your Falcons rallying cry. Finally, to Sonic, if you are reading this, I miss you and hope you are enjoying the sun rises and sunsets in Afghanistan.


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