Atlanta Hawks Potential Draft Selections




With the upcoming draft approaches, let’s talk about the three first round picks that the Atlanta Hawks have this season.

Our first pick is at 8 many analysts inform us that Cam Reddish from Duke is the best pick for our needs.

He’s 6’8 208 pounds and his wingspan is that for a 7’1 center and keep in mind this kid has potential.

He has a great stroke from the floor and because of his wingspan he can guard the 2,3, and 4 positions.

He is a perfect fit in our system because he doesn’t have to be the main person in the offense.

He has two others for the load Trae Young and John Collins.

Our second pick is at 10 we are going for a big man and the best player is 6’11 219 Freshman from Texas Jason Hayes.

He’s a little raw but he can protect the rim and finish with monstrous dunks at the rim. A great athletic big man for Trae Young and the rest of our young offense.

Of course he’s a little light in the ass and need to put at least 20 or 30 pounds of muscle for the NBA.

Our final pick in the first round I think we should get the untraditional big man in today’s game is Goga Bitadze from Georgia.

He’s 6’11 and at 250 loves the post and his back to the basket.

Something that today’s NBA lacks, personally I don’t want my big man shooting 3’s.

I want him rebounding. protecting the post and put them on their ass when they come to the paint.

Something Goga can do for our Atlanta Hawks to be that enforcer in the middle.

However they also have a player from Kentucky 6’8 230 sophomore PJ Washington he can be that extra Power Forward who can stretch the floor.

He is a good shooter from the 3 point line, and fit well with the young Atlanta Hawks roster.

All these picks in the first round can come in and make a difference for our team.  These pieces can contribute and we can get back to the playoffs again.

Last year we saw what our two young stars can do for the Hawks. Add these pieces to our puzzle we can have a worthy team to be back in the champ ship run.

Well let’s just start by making the playoffs next year.

Let’s Go Hawks! From a fan since I was a little boy going with my father cheering for the home team.

To now patiently waiting for this year NBA draft.

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