The Future Looks Quite Bright For Our Atlanta Hawks


There’s five seconds left you have the ball 5, 4,3, he fakes and shoot a fade-away 2, 1 it’s goes in the Hawks win the game the Hawks win the game.

Every kid plays that in their mind taking that winning last shot and winning the game.

Not too many of us were that good but for those precious seconds we were the most talented player in my back yard.

You practice over and over again two make that shot. Now all these young players started their dreams of making that shot on June 20th 2019.

The first pick for our Atlanta Hawks is at 4, we received this pick from the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Hawks traded our 8, 17, and 35 picks for their 4th pick. Our first pick in the draft is 6’7 225 forward from the National Champions Virginia Cavaliers De’Andre Hunter.

He is by far the most versatile defender in the draft.  he can guard multiple positions and hit the open jumper when needed.

While at Virginia he averaged 15.2 points (52.0% FG, 43.8 3PT%, 78.3 FT%) and 5.1 rebounds across 32.5 minutes for the Cavaliers. De’Andre will be an excellent player contributing in the starting role when the season starts.

Our next pick was at 10 and we chose 6’8 either wing Cam Reddish from Duke University.

Many think he didn’t live up to his potential but the Hawks believe he will in the next level.

At Duke he averaged 13.5 points, 3.7 rebounds, and 1.9 assists (35.6 FG%, 33.3 3PT%, 77.2 FT%) in 29.7 minutes per game.

He will either play behind De’Andre Hunter or behind John Collins. He will be one of the top options off the bench for our Atlanta Hawks.

He’s a great kid and wants to prove to all the haters that he is a top NBA player and will do that every single night when he is called.

Finally, our last pick is at 34 from the Philadelphia 76er’s. In my opinion we gave up too much however we got a great pick at number 34.

We gave up 2020 second round pick, the highest second round pick between Atlanta/Charlotte/Brooklyn in 2023, and No. 57 in the 2019 NBA Draft.

With the final pick we selected Bruno Fernando from Maryland he is a 6’10 240lbs Forward/Center.

In 34 games he averaged 13.6 points, 10.6 rebounds, 2.0 assists, .607 FG%, .779 FT%, and 1.9 BLK.

He’s an excellent and athletic big man. Runs hard on fast breaks and not scared of killing that Rim.

He just needs to be a better rim protector and better shot blocker, he will get better with time and plenty of hard work.

I think all these players will be a great team with complementing Trae Young our future Leader of our Future NBA Champions. Okay I might be ahead of myself but I can dream.



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