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Cam Voted Best By Peers


Cam Reddish will have a better overall career than his former teammate Zion Williamson.

This statement did not surprise me at all, he is a future superstar and a future NBA champion. I’m going too early for that Championship but I’m 3/4 psychic and that’s something I believe.

While at Duke he had to play third option behind RJ and Zion, he never got his chance to shine on the team. However, the 6’8 small forward won’t turn 20 until the 1st of September.

He really couldn’t show his talent because of Zion and RJ were the first and second options. He has nothing but upside in his game and can shine on our young and talented Atlanta Hawks.

Reddish has a unique build and skill set that is tailor-made for today’s NBA. Because of his game he was recruited more than Zion. Reddish smooth jumper, his slashing ability and because of his height and wing span allow him to guard all five positions.

According to the Hawks he can play point guard also that will be a nightmare issue for the opponents to guard him. I’m a Duke fan but just because of me knowing the game of basketball. All city back at St Paul of the Cross Elementary school Cam has all the positives in today’s game.

Lastly, I will give it to his peers of knowing what I been telling everybody he is a rough diamond that will be polished by our Atlanta Hawks.

So while the NBA has given the title to the two LA’s before the first game we have a steal in the NBA that will be around for years to come unless he does what all the new type of players are doing jump from team to team. Yes, I said it because to me no heart and loyalty in the NBA. Therefore, I will talk about that some other time.

Let’s Go Falcons my fought let’s go Hawks!


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