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Controversy Leading To Big Win


Sorry that I’ve been missing but my Atlanta Hawks haven’t been missing a beat.  Yesterday’s   game was how a team come together to get things done.

Last night our Atlanta Hawks were playing the Dallas Mavericks without two of their most talented players Kristaps Porzingis and Luka Doncic because of injuries they needed some more time off really. New style players that’s something I will touch on another date.  

However you would have thought this would be a walk in a park without those two shooting assassins not lacing it up for the Mavericks.  They still had someone I completely forgot about Tim Hardaway Jr.  

The game was on the shoulders of our young team, the leading scorer this night was John since he cut his hair Collins.  He finished the night with 35 points and 17 rebounds he own the paint and the boards.

Dallas didn’t have anybody who could stop him, he did have help from Cam who is getting into his own at the right time his defense helped the Hawks and plus his 20 points might have helped as well get the win.  

In the beginning Trae wasn’t making his shots but Timmy Jr wasn’t missing any he was the Mavericks leading scorer this night finishing with 33 points and having help with baby brother Curry with 22. 

 All through the game the Mavericks were up and we were scrapping back ever quarter. In the fourth and final quarter Hawks down by nine and that’s when Trae Young took over and that’s why I call him big play Trae.

We knew he was going to hit the shots that will give us a lead and win the game. The passing of Trae and the Defense of Cam helped the Hawks win this game 111 to 107.  

The call that Cuban said was a terrible call that solidified the Hawks victory was the right call. The play was when Trae was going for a lay up and they called it a goaltending but no whistle was blown and John Collins tip it in for the layup. To put the game out of reach and the Hawks Winners.

Even if it wasn’t the right call or not people are human and mistakes happen it just happened to my Hawks.  Good win.

Before the game at State Farm Arena my nephew Adrian Hughes was playing in the west Gwinnett county all star game he is in the 5th grade and was looking like Trae Young shooting from the emblem. He had four threes at the same spot. Shout out to my young Trae Young….

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