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Trae Young All-Star Snub


PHOTO CREDIT: Garrett Ellwood/NBAE/Getty Images

On February 23, the NBA announced the reserves player pool for the upcoming 2021 All-Star Game; this comes 5 days after the NBA revealed the starters. This 70th installment of the NBA All-Star Game is headlined by LeBron James and Kevin Durant, each of which will be in charge of filling out the roster for their respective teams. The draft for the game will be televised live on March 4 on TNT while the actual game will air Sunday, March 7.

With the All-Star Game only having 24 slots it would be safe to assume that there would be a couple of players who deserved to make it but didn’t. This year fans took to social media and made their own All-Star Snub teams which included Devin Booker, Bam Adebayo, and Domantas Sabonis just to name a few. Many supporters across the league were surprised when they didn’t see Atlanta’s young superstar Trae Young included on the All-Star lineup. Hawks enthusiasts were outraged when the reserve list came out and they didn’t see a single Hawk player on the list, even with the All-Star Game being held in State Farm Arena.

Young is top 10 in both points and assists per game this season. He has averaged 27 points per game, 10 assists per game, and 4 rebounds per game this season. Not only are his numbers impressive, but his play style also amazes the eye every night. Trae’s arsenal includes 3-point shots from the logo, finesse ball handling skills, and alley-oop passes. All the skills he possesses would make him a perfect fit for the game, he has the flashy package that would keep fans glued to their televisions as they wait to see what he does next.

Hawks fans are hoping that this snub will propel Young into an extra gear for the second half of the season in effort to push the team into the top 8 before the playoffs are set to begin.

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