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The late Sunday night game was our Atlanta Falcons against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The past two games were close games and strictly a defensive game.

NFL Divisional game back in 1-13-2018 the score was 15-10 Eagles.

Last season first game of the season we played the Eagles again on 9-6-2018 score was 18-12 Eagles again, however both games came down to the last play and in the same fashion we lost again.

After, the terrible game against the Vikings we needed to come with a win. The game started slow and of course another defensive game it seems like it’s a perfect match up with both our teams.

Early in the game Fraction Jackson,  Wentz, Jason Peters,  Alshon Jeffery , Dallas Goedert, Jason Kelce, Tim Jernigan, Sidney Jones and several others all left the game at some time to injuries.

Seeing that brutal hit that Wentz took he didn’t look so hot after that hit to his ribs.  When our number one draft pick Kaleb McGary went down you should have seen my face because all I thought was here we go again.

Injuries going to kill our season again, then Matt was having a terrible game he tried to give this game away with all his turnovers.

Matt was either miss reading coverages, throwing either long or short balls and throwing three picks to the Eagles defense.

With Kaleb returning Julio and Calvin the young blood started waking up my hopes are feeling that we can win this game.

The play of the game was the 4th down play. Quinn, Koetter, and Ice with that audible with seconds left on the play clock and you throw a screen with Julio and he breaks for that 54 touchdown run that really iced the game.

I aged 10 years on that game but the outcome was great for the win 24-20 and better than the two previous two years planning the Eagles. So glad they flew away with the L.


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