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Old Head Hawks Vs New Age Birds


I saw another great performance of our Atlanta Hawks against a couple of old Hawks that is in the Oklahoma City Thunder.

It was special because our own Trae Young was voted as the starting point guard for the All Star team, that’s great because this is first game back and also he was home back in OKC.

The game started out great because the pick and roll with John Collins and Trae Young  is basically unstoppable. That one two combination is killing the NBA when they both are in and healthy. It was great seeing two of our old players back in action.

Schroder who scored 21 points last night and Muscala 14. Every quarter was close because OKC ran out quickly with the score and every time you will come back with cutting that lead. Our Hawks are getting better and having more confidence playing together as a unit.

Since getting back one of my favorite player that we drafted JeffTeague is helping with the second point guard because one we needed another point guard and that was a great help for Trae and our Hawks. The only issue we have right now we have to finish stronger in the 4th and the last quarter.

All through the game we were like 5 of 6 down something we can fight back however when we are in the last quarter we start to breakdown and don’t remember what we did in fighting back you can’t tell by the final score of how close we were just have to play a complete game from the tip off to the final buzzer.

The last couple of weeks Cam defense and scoring are both coming along together. I think with the addition of Jeff Teague has made Cam’s game getting better this couple of weeks. Cam finished the game with 20 points and 6 rebounds in just 28 minutes coming off the bench.

The combo of John Collins and Trae Young finished pretty good last night JC 28 points and 6 rebounds and Trae has a season high of 16 assists and 26 points.

However we couldn’t stop there three headed monster of the three guards of Shai Gilegous-Alexander with 24 points, Schroder with 21 points and future hall of famer Chris Paul 18 points, and the Italian Stallion Gallinari with 25. Proved to much in that final quarter for our young and still talented Atlanta Hawks.

I still believe we have a great team to get in the playoffs we still have a second half to do so. Let’s Go Hawks!!

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