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The Falcons Aren’t Looking Good


Let’s start on a positive note at least we are not the Dolphins or the Steelers.

Yesterday I saw my Falcons go backwards again and again and again. Dan Quinn said that he’s main issue was to protect his quarterback, we spent all this money on these back up offensive linemen and our first two picks in the draft were some big burly hefty strong quick and did I say huge linemen.

However, that wasn’t the case the veteran linemen were playing like they were just signed off the practice squad.

They couldn’t protect Matt Ryan if I was on the defensive side. I can’t blame all that on the line, Matt was doing what he has always done looking at Julio, staring at Julio, waiting on Julio and when there’s are Hooper Sanu, Ridley, and Freeman open he still forced the ball to you guessed it Julio.

The highest paid receiver in the league I’m sorry don’t get me wrong I love me some Julio but if the ball goes to your hand guess what catch isn’t that simple. He still dropping passes, Freeman to be honest hasn’t been the same since the Super bowl either injuries or just don’t have that explosiveness like he had back when we drafted him from Florida State.

Our defense was tremendously better in the second half but you need to have two excellent halves, we were out coached out played and just out, this brotherhood we have it’s not a brotherhood it’s just some kin folks that we never talk about unless they are around.

Arthur Blank I respect you as an owner and a businessman but we either have to get a real coach because I can say like everyone else I’m tired of these coaches.

To be honest after yesterday’s game, can we get another slogan I’m been rising up so much my legs hurt.

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