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The New NBA


Jordan, Reggie, Ewing, Nique, and Zo these are just a few of great players that I grew up looking at and admiring them however this is not the old NBA.

Everybody is chasing a ring instead of loyalty to their fan base and their team Let me explain, back in the day Chicago was the most popular team in the NBA let me tell you I hated them yes I said it I hated the Bulls.

My pleasure was seeing them go against the Pistons, Heat, My Hawks, Celtics, and the Knicks. The physicality and the heart of these teams to try and beat the Bulls was pleasure to my eyes. Despite them always losing and they lost a lot they never quit and never join the hated Bulls.

You always wanted to beat the best team in the league or you had that certain player that made you a better player every time you played them.

They would never go to the other side I sound like Luke Skywalker in the Star War movie if you played sports there was that person who were your nemesis, mine was my cousin I couldn’t beat him in anything. When I say everything I couldn’t beat him in any sport or card games not even Uno. We never saw Ewing going to the Bulls or Reggie going to the Knicks.

LeBron has switched speed like Bruce Lee riding a Fuji, Cleveland to Miami back to Cleveland and now Los Angeles Lakers. If it doesn’t work out in LA is he going to another team, where is loyalty to your fans and the team.

Every player wants that ring of course but if your team not getting it done get other pieces to solve that equation. If rebounding and defense is a issue get someone who can help you either with free agency or the draft.

Please don’t get me wrong I hate to lose but I would get my team better next season to complete for that Championship. If you know me I do hold grudges and I use to coach boys and girls basketball back when I was use to almost dunk a basketball.

Keep in mind we were playing the same team every year and I was thinking next year we would be better and stronger defensively and more confident than the last year. I never recruited the best players from the other teams I just worked on my talented players to be better than the previous years.

During my tenure I only won one championship but every year I was either in the championship game or in the semifinals. Maybe it was me, maybe it was my kids, or maybe that’s how it goes sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. We gave them all that we had and we never got mad and went to the other side because we couldn’t accept failure.

To me that’s this NBA can’t expect failure either you have it or you don’t. This goes out to the players that were with their team in the trenches, Sir Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, Patrick Ewing great players but that was not in their cards to get that ring!

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