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The NFL Is Ruining The Game


Today’s game of football, when did football become such a bitchy game.

Let me explain I do not want to offend anybody but a couple of years ago you could not touch the quarterback now you have to lay him down gently give him a pillow and ask him do you mind if I can hit you sir.

I remember when the quarterback says on three and three then 11 men trying to kill you and you understood that reason. I remember one of my favorite football movies and there are several however this one was the program that had the lovely Halle Berry.

She was looking like either my next baby mama or my next ex-wife her golden brown skin and I do not care that she’s crazy still beautiful ……sorry I got lost for a moment.

Getting back to the movie the linebacker Alvin Mack was looking at game film and every time they asked him to look at the formation. I formation or single wing formation his answer was the same kill the quarterback that’s his job in every single play.

That is football a dangerous sport and if you can’t take it stop playing do not change the game because of injuries. They keep changing the rules injuries are part of the game I hate to say it but it is a dangerous game.

Hockey is dangerous I don’t see them changing the rules and I don’t look at Hockey to know that they are not changing rules plus a very violent sport with a weapon. I have seen the reports and the articles about the brain damage that has caused a lot of famous players having issues now.

One of my favorite player was Junior Seau and you all know what happen to him was a horrible tragedy, however that was his job and he chose that for his career.

Now they have a new rule that you can’t blindside a player anymore.

The NFL instituted this new rule, defining a blindside block as any play when “a player initiates a block in which he is moving toward or parallel to his own end line and makes forcible contact to his opponent with his helmet, forearm, or shoulder.”

Keep in mind these players have always been told to practice to knock them out and suddenly it’s illegal now I don’t understand this rule and they are taking the fun out of football.

I don’t know about everyone else but I like the violent plays those blindside blocks the hits on the quarterbacks and the receivers holding on to the ball after a murderous hit.

Soon we going to have a NFL of flag football and no excitement and no flare.  Please bring back to old NFL where you can celebrate a touchdown turning bottles in the club and not get flagged.

Ok this is my last point for now please stop letting kids think it’s ok to be mediocre when playing sports not everyone gets a trophy.  That’s my opinion and some might get mad and some may not.  I love Football and here’s a plug I’m a Dirty Bird I have never used that since 1998……FILA!!

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