So Max Fried has given up more runs in his first 3 starts of the 2021 season than he did all of last season. Granted it was a 60 game season last year but he made more than 9 starts including the post season. Are you worried yet?

Kung Fun Panda has proved to be reliable pinch hitter as he has hit 3 home runs in our first 3 series. A nice surprise I must say.

Snit has made questionable decisions in my opinion as far as the lineup. Why did Ozzie bat cleanup today for instance?

I trust AA, and the off season moves he made to better our team, but somebody (mainly Freddie), needs to step up and be a leader to not only motivate but lead by example. I mean he was the MVP last season.

On a positive note we have the best player in baseball for an absolute steal right now. Acunà is going to be a multiple time MVP in his career. However, he can’t be the only one our team to hit the ball and spark the team. I think we have the right squad on our team to be successful, but it’s time to step up!






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