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Santiago Lopez: New Writer For Atlanta United


Hello everyone, my name is Santiago Lopez and I will be covering Atlanta United! I am from Bogota, Colombia but I am currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m a student at Georgia State University, studying Journalism, but I never thought I would become a writer. If you would’ve asked me four years ago what I wanted to pursue, I would have said something far different from journalism. Watching soccer throughout the week with my dad these last couple of years, I learned from him, grieved with him, cheered with him, and even argued with him. He has impacted me in pursuing a career in writing and talking about soccer.

I’ve always loved soccer, but the real passion for it came during and after the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Watching Colombia play so well and make history for the country was unbelievable. Seeing what soccer meant to the world and seeing all the types of emotions that it brought to people, made me fall more in love. Screaming and jumping, with sweaty palms and an accelerated heartbeat, this is what I live for when it comes to watching a soccer game whether it’d be live on tv or in person. With all these types of emotions, I want to transfer that into writing and in the future be on television voicing my opinions to the people who love the sport just as much as I do.

Since I decided to become a Journalist last April, I haven’t had much experience. I wrote a 10-page essay on Atlanta United’s success and how the soccer culture has affected Atlanta and the whole Southeast of the United States. I have also written an article about the journey of the Colombian National Team to the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Atlanta United has had a special place in my heart since they announced that an MLS soccer team would come to play here. I have been to multiple games and watched them inspire the growth of soccer in Atlanta. I am so happy with the players and the whole front office staff, and I hope that this team can make history in MLS.

Gaining experience in writing for this exciting team is the perfect way to grow as a writer, and I want to show others how beautiful the sport of soccer is. I want to thank Atlanta Sports Page for giving me the opportunity to grow. I hope to write great articles and put myself and Atlanta Sports Page on the map!

If you want to hear me rant about soccer, give me a follow on twitter;  @santilopezguz

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