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The Atlanta Braves were a dynasty in the ’90s. Is it possible that they can become one again?


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A nostalgic outlook

There is something truly magical about baseball: America’s favorite pastime is rooted deeply in tradition, history, and iconic heroes that inspired (and continue to inspire) the superstar within each of us. From the sandlot to Truist Park, sunflower seeds to double bubble, there is a majestic nature that surrounds the diamond. There is a deep-seated nostalgia that is rebirthed at the first mention of spring training. For the Atlanta fanbase, this year is no exception and perhaps the stakes are higher than ever before.

For anyone who was remotely coherent and lucid in the ’90s, you might recall that the Braves were a force to be reckoned with. There were 14 consecutive division titles, five World Series appearances, and a single World Series pennant obtained during this tenure. When October rolled around, Atlanta was abuzz with electricity that Tesla would envy. The roster was a culmination of Hall of Fame talent, and quite possibly the most phenomenal bullpen in Major League history. Needless to say, there was a lofty standard set and a rather large shadow that has been cast; one that the current franchise is viciously fighting to escape from under.

Generations pass, and with the new blood, comes new life; the young guns of Atlanta are quickly solidifying their presence in a fashion eerily similar to its ’90’s predecessors. While this comparison may seem a bit premature, the last 3 seasons have given the fanbase plausibility that this theory might have some grounding in facts.

What lies ahead

The Braves of the 2020s, despite the unconventional year of cardboard fans and prerecorded cheers, showed us ATLiens that our Braves were the antithesis of unconventional. The young gunners Albies and Acuna are a dynamic duo, that knows how to rip and drip. (For the older readers not too privy to the lingo, “drip” is a term for swagger.) It has been years since I have seen the little leaguers adorn a hometown player’s jersey with the matched hype the way the kids are sporting #13 these days. There is an element of mischief and bravado on this squad that creates an X-factor. In no way do I want to detract from the litany of talent that exists on the remainder of the roster, but these two (along with Ozuna) have just made Atlanta baseball fun to watch again.

Despite the letdown in the NLCS last year, the Braves are a team that has gone from bearish, to very bullish. We will likely be slept on and underestimated by a majority of the talking heads, but the truth is Atlanta is ready for the rest of the league to put some respect on their name. I might be biased, but if there is an Atlanta team that is capable of shattering the stereotype or breaking the postseason curse…these are the guys.

Let’s hope that with 2020 behind us, the leagues have a better handle on the COVID protocols, and America can delight in an overpriced footlong and oversized beer, insufflating the hypnotizing scents of ballpark Americana the way we used to…IN PERSON. Atlanta has positioned itself to be true competitors and I believe we have only begun to see the beginning of a new dynasty.

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