So the Braves, until this past week, had been playing mediocre baseball.

This week they won 4 out of 5 games and making a big splash within the NL East. Austin Riley will definitely be the NL player of the week and most likely the month.

Our bullpen has been atrocious until now and if you think about it they had always been asked to come in during very difficult situations. All of a sudden our starting pitching has stepped and pitched into the 6-7th innings. What do you know when that happens we start winning.

The Hawks first playoff game happened tonight in New York. Our “Young” superstar Trae Young stepped up and played an amazing game, pun intended.

Although I don’t agree with a lot of the rotations made by coach McMillan, in the end, they worked out for the W.

We now have taken over home court advantage and with the depth of our team I truly like our chances of getting out of the first round.

We are an extremely effective and efficient team but I still feel we may be one year away from making the splash our team is capable of in the playoffs.

I truly “Believe” both of these teams have the potential to not only go deep into the playoffs but also eventually win championships.

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