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When I read the paper and Arthur Bank said that he will give Dan Quinn two weeks to get his team together.

Personally, I don’t understand that logic. We have lost so many games because of our defense especially the Super Bowl. Don’t get me wrong I love my Falcons but looking at them on Sunday’s have me drinking and thinking we are the worst team in the league.

To keep it real we should be 0-6 if Agholar didn’t drop that ball. I wish I could see how he plans for his next opponent because what he is doing is not working.

Dan thinks he has the same players that he had in Seattle for this zone defense, we don’t have the personal for this scheme. Everyone in the league has the blueprint to defeat us.

The only two is doing good on the defense is Devo and Grady, really don’t know why Vic Beasley is still here may be its our scheme or he is not feeling the leadership on our defense.

Every game this season the defense looks like that they are still in pre season mode and every single game look like they just started looking at the playbook.

We can’t cover of tackle the last game we put up 33 points and in this league you put up that kind of numbers you win the game however gave up 34 points you can’t win giving up that many points.

Zone is not going to work through the whole game you can go man to man switch it up sometimes we are predictable every single play. Now we spent a lot of money to the O line and our two draft picks for our revamp line.

Sometimes the line look good and sometimes it looks terrible especially blocking and protecting Ice. If you listen to the fans they always blame the QB because that’s the big money man.

We can say that Ice has made some bad decisions and some good decisions but he is not the issue of us winning games. Julio has missed passes, Ridley has also dropped and ran the wrong routes.

Hoop and Sanu are reliable in the clutch. Freeman has glimpses of getting his legs back from two years ago. We need to feed him the ball more to get the offense started then we can work on the play action down the field.

Still we have the most talented roster on Offense we just need to get it together for both halves of the game. I can’t say what or why we are not getting this done but I can say right now all of Atlanta is getting frustrated of the Falcons and we need to wake up our whole team.  I can’t say Rise up when we are last in our division.

I just hope Coach Quinn is looking at what is wrong and is addressing the issues. We have a long way to go and I still have hope! And still I Rise.

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