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The Story Of Kobe Bryant Through a Bird’s Eye View


Today is a bad day for basketball fans everywhere

Even though this is a Atlanta Hawks story and everything Atlanta sports page I thought this would be a great homage to one of greatest player I seen in person.

He was amazing to see on TV, NBA TV, ESPN, and TNT this kid of 18 playing against grown men and with ease.

I can tell you when I first saw him live was Lakers playing the Hawks in Phillips Arena and yes was almost married however that’s another time and place but it goes with the story.

It was my birthday and my ex-wife then my girlfriend was going to cook me a birthday dinner nevertheless I got a call from a friend that he had tickets for the Hawks and Lakers game that night I said bet.

If you know me I’m a ass and didn’t call her to let her know that I was going to the game. So when I got home I changed clothes put on my Hawks jersey because I’m still FILA and she had dinner waiting and I said oh I forgot to tell you I got a ticket to the game tonight to see the Lakers play the Hawks.

She might have been a little mad but it was the Lakers. It was Shaq and Kobe I’ve seen Shaq play but I wanted to see Kobe Bean Bryant to see if everything I read about him was true. His at that time a slender 6’7 frame and was looking like just arms and legs I can say he didn’t disappoint me or the fans.

Of course they were running the triangle offense and to see him with the ball in his hands was reminding me of other greats Magic, Jordan, and my niece would love this name Penny.

Jumper was smooth, his handles were mad crazy, defense could shut down the opponent’s best player, could jump out the gym and would dunk on your mama if she was in the lane.

Grade school, Middle school, AAU, High school, and college we all have seen that player that was 300% better that the others Kobe was that player. I tried to hate on him but I couldn’t he had that killer instinct and his game I respected.

That final game he played against Utah Jazz to end his 20 year NBA was a classic. When we all thought that his career was over he went out like the five-time champion should with 60 points.

The mamba finished his historic career with the same flare he did when he joined the league.

The Hawks play against the Wizards and both teams paying homage to the black mamba. Trae is playing in today’s game to Kobe’s old number 8 and is take an eight second back court violation to remember him as well.

To a Hawks fans to a NBA fan you will truly be missed. God bless you and your family and I say from everybody our condolences.


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